My name is Shane...

...and I am an artist.

Mostly, I like painting in the context of art making.  Painting has been the object of my affection for a long time and I've seriously gone through buckets and buckets worth of paint in my life.

I'll mainly be concentrating on my art practice here, but I'm easily distracted sometimes so you never know...

and now some images

This is what I spent five months making when I was at Otis (2003-2006).  It's a driftwood wave.  40' wide, 12' tall, 12' deep; modular construction; found driftwood (mainly from Emma Wood beach in Ventura).  I think it's pretty cool and I sometimes miss being with it.  It now resides in someone's yard in Palos Verdes.

Here's another piece I miss being around... It's a self portrait with Juice Newton and the Wilson sisters (from the band, Heart).  I destroyed most of it driving it home on top of my Landcruiser (which I also regret selling).  It was a nice painting.

Last one for now - we'll have plenty of time to see more as I get comfy...
This one is one of my recent larger (not "big" by my standards) works.  It's part of a body of work exploring painted representations of painted representation.  Confused?  Good.  Basically, they're paintings of paintings of water.
I'll likely always be attracted to playing with representational subject matter and I'm having a lot of fun with what I've been making recently.  To me, it shows.  This photo courtesy of David Hauver.

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