go fuck yourself - the update.

had a break from the rain and had lots of paint drying, so i went for a drive...

maybe you've already found one and have absconded with it, kudos.

the rest of you better get busy as i waited a few days before posting.

'pier hugger'

'burbank 60 mi.'  ...figure it out smart-asses.

spassing'  easy one, probably gone already. :)

'HEY! go fuck yourself.'

'paddles are for ping pong' easy one.

'this one time, at surf camp'

'go fuck yourself'  hahahahaha.


'spicoli don't surf'

 go outside folks, do something today.

Holy crap, I've been busy.

no joke.

i finished working again and with a short break, i've been painting.   lots.

blah blah, here you go:
this one is good.  i got to working on this one and it ended up having this big mass of trees with no branches (my process is fun) and then this awesome big space in the middle.  my life as an artist seems like a series of one liners sometimes, so i roll with it...

i bet if Raymond Pettibon saw this he'd like it or want to fight me.  it's a really good painting.

'you should have been here yesterday'

the deets. pretty, no?

hahahahaha, jerkface.

'garden variety'  i'm pretty sure these will be popping up some more, they're kinda fun to make.

 if you are lucky enough to have one of the 'five summer stories' paintings, this one feel like those to me.

ahhh, hahahahaha - as long as i'm laughing i don't give a fuck.
this one is my favorite this week.  every time i see it in the studio, i start laughing.
watch this to see what i mean: pit me, bro.

'drink the koolaid' bitches.

as always i take shitty pictures.  this isn't a catalogue, it's my shitty blog - get over it.

I'll have another blog of the 'go fuck yourself project.' project up very shortly.  it has pictures too!