more tiny paintings - and, a very short story.

house paint, spray paint, acrylic, enamel, ink on wood.

I've been kinda busy with other shit recently, so I haven't been making work.  I HAVE found some time for these sweet little guys.  They're all around 4" X 13" 

I had originally planned on using these as studies for larger works (and for use in print media) but they're so much fun to make I can't stop.  I started several more than what's pictured and until I can actually carry large works around the studio again, these are what I ignore my family over...

and now, a very short story:

When I was around six years old, our family was on one of MANY road trips (seems like we were always in the back of some car) and I, being six (or near there) of course had to pee.
My dad pulls the car over and I find a nice bush to piss on... upon my return to the car, one of the parental units asked if "everything came out OK" - we're also a family of bad jokes - to which I replied "high and far."  As in my little urine stream had traveled high, and far on it's way to that bush.
The whole family got a great laugh out of it, I've spent YEARS hearing "high and far" at any and every opportunity.  We're a strange bunch, but I wouldn't trade it.

until next time -