better late than never?

I've been crazy busy recently just trying to keep my little world in order it seems... clearly updating my blog has been low on the list of shit to get handled. 

But I always find a way to get some painting in.

 I started building a fence for the house...

 Took a break...

 I painted some DC shoes for a Quiksilver event... shoes are a pain in the ass to paint on, BTW.

 I also did my annual drive to Lida, NV to get our Christmas tree!

Followed by a 'quick run' to Death Valley National Park...

...which turned into an ADVENTURE in Death Valley National Park.*

* please don't EVER make the same AMATEUR mistake I did and go into the desert without DOUBLE CHECKING your tool kit. An eight dollar lug wrench would NOT have left me with this:

Seems obvious that I'm a better off in the studio some days, no?


 go outside folks.