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Time to dig up some more old stuff and maybe have a peek at what I've been up to in the garage!

el masoquista made in 2005.  It's a portrait of Gary Busey as Leroy The Masochist in the AMAZING film, Big Wednesday, 1977?  I dunno, find your own sources...  This fine piece belongs to my tattoo artist now.

five summer stories #2  2006.  Early early brush stroke painting.  House paint, spray paint, enamel, acrylic, ink, love, patience.  This painting started a very interesting path that I'm still happily chaining myself to in terms of content and form/materials/aesthetic.

 five summer stories #1 aka "A-Frame" 2005. More early experimentation with the brush strokes as painted representations of water.  Also one of my favorites sold to a collector.  That Raymond Pettibon wave I stole looks bad ass.

nostalgia (Phoebe Cates portrait)  2006.  Lots of paints mixed again, lots going on.  It's a shitty picture and it's all I have so take it for what it's worth.  This one was real fun to make and pretty much fell together.  It was an easy sell.  It also went really well with a video installation that has since been lost...

...if only I knew a video editor to help me put it back together...

untitled (the skirt advert)  2004/5?  One of many representation of representation avenues...  It's a beautiful painting.  It will still look good in years to come... Gifted a few years ago :) - well, made as a gift.

thrift store painting  2005.  I LOVE this painting.  There's a story, but I ain't 'a tellin'

lost and found series, surfing Virgin Mary  2006/7.  A sweet little painting from someone's (Soonie Makaena, maybe?) tossed out "failure" of a painting at Otis.  I have a good collection of these and can always use more.  They're great to pass around to other artists.  And if you make a good one, you've recycled enough to kill a baby harp seal or six on the voucher program.

Generously, donated to one CRB.  really, it was a good gift because this is a fucking good piece.

los vaqueros de las olas #?  2004/5. Another fun series of paintings.  I stole the name from Hilbers' and Putnam's crew.  There's some content, but you won't care because these are some straight ahead good paintings.  If you can guess the "cowboy" right first, I'll do something nice... same applies to all from this series.


 there are two cowboys here.

 I have a shit-load more to upload, but I'm tired.  I have a LOT to get to including some good stories from the olden days of exploring and boozing!


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