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 Found this photo of the video installation that went with the five summer stories paintings.  It's a short montage of "important" surf films/movies from the 1960s to the 2000s.  Included in no order are: Five Summer Stories, The Endless Summer, Summer Super Series, The Seedling, & some O'neill video with Rat Boy.  Basically all of the films used have the same basic scene types over five decades.  The surfing may have changed but the films really haven't...

Installation shot of self portrait with Joe Strummer & Juice Newton  2004/5.  I still have this piece and it's always a fun one for me to look at.  I used a lot of different techniques here, so it's a good one to spend time with, plus there's Juice and Joe.

untitled  1993.  Oil and acrylic on canvas.  Not a great painting, but I still have it.  It was my first commissioned painting but the client wasn't into it...  I'm certain I got all butt-hurt over it but I can't throw it out.  I came up with this brilliant idea in the bathtub from what I can recall.

lost and found series 2006 and ongoing...  I painted the sleeping Mexican and the sun rays.  Pretty sure this belonged to Michael Brunswick before I pulled it out of a dumpster at Otis in 2005.  I've since passed it on to Gilda and she sent it to another artist.  I really like this one too.

swan princess 2005. Painted for a friend, it was a nice painting until their house burnt to the ground.

and a nice detail... I LOVE the setting sun in the skull's eye.

Probably why I often get called an asshole.  I made this "official license" for one AB.  AB thinks that he paints like Pablo Picasso and that he only needed art school for "a piece of paper."   I disagree so I had Picasso himself sign this license for him.  School is WAAAAAY too expensive, but it was a valuable experience for me in terms of what I make.  He didn't take his paper and leave like I had hoped.

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