Aprés moi, les déluge

Some images from the catalog for my recent show in March.


le deluge #4  2010.  I made four of these "Coriolis" paintings based on a late friend's work.  Sold all but this one.  These really don't photograph too well - even in good lighting with an excellent photographer!  In any case, they are popular works and should hold their aesthetic beauty for quite some time I think.

le deluge #1  2010.  Although it didn't make the cover of my catalog, this is a close second (I actually like it best of the four some days).

space chicken  2004. Another trip to vanityland in this self portrait!  The blue and yellow thing is a chicken copied from a 1978 craft project.  I made a "space chicken" on an "unbreakable" plate; the brown part is his ladder, and the colored floating spheres are eggs.  I can still remember being frustrated about my mother making one of the eggs on that plate better than mine...  That plate was indeed broken years later (around 2000) and I still keep the pieces.

untitled  2010.  To me, this was my FAVORITE work in the show.  I also made a gold one that I have not yet photographed.  They both have a temporary home at my local d!sp3nsary.  Really, they're a big hit with all the patients.

el corazon  2008.  I have this hanging in my living room.  There's a great story behind this one, but you'll have to take my word for it 'cause I ain't tellin'

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